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International site visit investigation and errand running

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the international cross-border travel has been largely restricted or affected. While it is good to meet head-to-head and get things done by our own hands, there are chances that the same task can be accomplished by assigning it to a third person.

Friends and vendors of The Company File across the world are ready to be of service. As locals, we also provide on-the-ground knowledge, intelligence and advice, helping you to manage risks by presenting the real local situations. Our services range from running daily errands, to undertaking sophisticated investigations:

  • Taking photos of a location
  • Address verification/ background check
  • Field Investigation and due diligence
  • Paper document processing
  • Checking company records
  • Checking criminal/ civil litigations
  • Telephone inquiries
  • Local media research
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Gift Concierge/ buying
  • Test purchase and delivery

  • Rest assured that all these can be done in professional, discreet, timely and cost-effectively manner.

    If you don't see the service you need, just ask if we can assist - except for those illegal or prohibited by local regulations.

    Email us at info@thecompanyfile.com for a quote.

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